OHC is an annual health membership program that helps you avoid the hospital. OHC provides Diagnostic Tests and Doctor Consultations to keep you in Good Health. Plus, up to 3 Dependents will also receive Doctor consultations. And, Members and Dependents all receive discounts of up to 15% on Medical Tests, Procedures and Specialist Doctor Consultations. Plus OHC Provides Discounts and Privileges at Restaurants and Stores. You will save up to 10,000 pesos or more with One Health Card.

Is hospitalization included?

OHC is focused on keeping you Healthy, to avoid going to the Hospital. If you can see a Doctor so many times, and have tests also, then you are more likely to stay in good health. We want you to avail the Card as much as possible, to stay in good health. So, Hospitalization is not included, which also means that no limitations or exclusions such as Age, Medical Tests or Medical Conditions apply to Membership of One Health Card. Any resident of legal age can buy a One Health Card.

Is this like an HMO? How is it different?

OHC is like an HMO for preventive medical and health care.
- Similar?.
- The card can be availed at a network of approved medical facilities. Different?.
- Anyone can get OHC. There are no restrictions, and no medical exam is required. You do not have to be employed.
- OHC is focused on keeping you in good health by providing diagnostic tests and Doctor visits.
- Most HMOs are not focused on keeping you well, most provide limited benefits if you become sick.
- OHC also provides Doctor consultations for your family! Most HMOs cover only one person.
- OHC also provides discounts at restaurants and stores. We call them discounts and privileges on 'Food, Fashion and Fun.' The list of locations to avail is on the website. Most HMOs do not provide these kinds of discounts.

What is the difference between Gold and Silver?

Gold includes more special tests, whole abdomen ultrasound, and unlimited Family Doctor Consultations for 3 Dependents plus the Member. Silver has fewer tests, does not include whole abdomen ultrasound and unlimited Family Doctor consults for 2 Dependents plus the Member.

What about another test I want, but it is not listed here?

OHC has different packages of tests, discounted for a package promo rate. Plus, the Doctor consultations are free. And, you get discounts and privileges from restaurants and stores. You save up to 10,000 pesos with the Gold card. Seniors - So, OHC is already discounted, and Senior Citizens discounts do not apply. Infants are not of legal age of majority. They can be enrolled, as a Dependent. Please note the Doctor consultations included in OHC are with Family Doctors. The infant can see a Pediatrician and the cost is discounted by 15%.

Is the charge monthly, or one time? When can I avail the benefits?

We are pleased to offer such great value with One Health Card. Yes, the charge is payable one time only for annual membership. Since we want members to avail services often, full Membership payment is required upon application. You will be given a numbered receipt so you can avail right away, the same day, for some services. You can get your card(s) from where you purchased it or to your designated Primary Facility\Service Provider and then all services can be availed.

What about...my local clinic?

We want everyone to have access to a One Health Card medical facility, and OHC is adding medical facilities to expand its national network. The updated list of medical facilities is on our website. But, every medical clinic must first pass inspection, and have a minimum list of services to ensure they can serve Members and Dependents.
- Do you have a local medical facility you want to be part of OHC? Please tell us the name and location of the clinic, and we can contact them. Or, please give us your location and contact information and we will contact you when we have a medical facility closer to you.

What is MOBIZ? I saw it on TV.

MO'Biz is a charitable bus that provides mobile learning courses, and is sponsored in part by One Health Card.

How to be an agent of OHC?

OHC is developing an Agent program. It will include a Seminar and Training to be an Agent. Please send us your Name, Address, Contact Number or E-mail Address and we will update you as soon as possible for the Scheduled Seminar.

How do I purchase a One Health Card?

You can purchase at any of the medical service provider network locations on our website. In the near future, One Health Card agents will also be offering OHC directly.

How long has the company in business?

The company was founded by Doctor Delizo who was featured on Swak na Swak. He was also featured on 'The Reporters' who did a story about his senior citizens care homes in Quezon City. Doctor Delizo has been operating clinics since 1992. He created One Health Card last year, in 2009.